The Alhambra – A Personal Experience


How much do you know about the Alhambra? Situated in Granada, The Alhambra is an emblem, of Moorish culture and a symbol of its architectural influence. You can find this national heritage site on top of the hill ‘al-Sabika,’ west to the city of Granada and standing tall in front of the Alcazabar community


A palace once described as a “a pearl set in emeralds,” by Moorish Poets, the Alhambra has obtained many different terms that reference its colour. Its name directly translates to ‘The Red one,’ alluding to the legendary red bricks of its walls.


The highlight of the Alhambra is the Palacios Nazaríes – a enchanting feature, home to some of the finest Islamic architecture in Europe. Here, you can see the level of dedication and passion that has gone into the intricate design. From the striking and detailed tiling and picturesque courtyards, it’s construction form one of Andalucia’s most adored spots.


It was the desire of the talented Alhambra’s architects to decorate every inch of the structure. Every inch of the walls are covered with beautiful carvings, art, and plasterwork. The dedication and hard work put into these intricate designs showcase Moorish architecture at its best.


The walls of the Alhambra are full of calligraphic decoration writings.


The walls of the Alhambra are full of calligraphic decoration writings with sentences such as “Only God is victor”  and poems by three poets of the Court of Granada, Ibn al-Yayyab (1274-1349), Ibn al-Jatib (1313-1375) and Ibn Zamrak (1333-1393), Among them, Ibn Zamrak is considered to be the most brilliant of the poets of the Alhambra. It is no wonder, the Alhambra has become an inspiration for generations of artists and poets.



Construction began in the 13th century; it was to be the palace of the Moorish Nasrid dynasty. The fortress is said to be  most important surviving remnant of the period of Islamic rule in the Iberian Peninsula (711–1492. It’s unique architecture and beauty is a symbol of Andalucía’s rich, historic culture.







We often organize private tours through the city of Granada to The Alhambra. Our private tours to Granada begin in Seville. During the journey, you will be captivated as you are immersed in the beautiful Andalucían countryside, discovering the geography of the region. We visit not only The Alhambra but also the Albayzín which is Unesco Heritage, the old Moorish city Granada and experience the lifestyle of Granada.




Places are limited, so to avoid missing out, be sure to keep an eye out for all our guided tours and activities on our calendar.

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