Monumental walking tour Seville


Breve descripción Seville is a doorway to the past



Breve descripción Seville is a doorway to the past

Descripción detallada I have planned everything for you in order so that you can enjoy the amazing city of Seville lorded over by a colossal Gothic cathedral, an intoxicating mix of resplendent Mudéjar palaces, baroque churches and winding medieval lanes, a 16th-century metropolis rich on the back of New World trade.
Firstly, we’ ll walk in the old Jewish quarter, Santa Cruz.  Then, I will do a guided visit to the Cathedral, the largest gothic in the world where Christopher Columbus is buried. The ending part of the visit, will go to the Royal Alcazar, representing a thousand years of art and history.
The optional tour includes the Golden Tower, San Telmo Palace, Plaza España quarter, the old Fabrica de Tabaco and the bullring.

The Cathedral of Seville

Our visit continues with a guided tour of the largest gothic cathedral and third biggest in the world after St.Peters in Vatican City and St. Paul´s in London. You will see places such as the Patio de los Naranjos, Puerta del Perdón and the minaret of the old mosque called The Giralda.

  • Marvel at the majestic views from the top of the”La Giralda” tower
LUGAR DE SALIDA Fountain in Plaza de la Alianza
HORA DE SALIDA 11:00 Horas.
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